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A David Bellamy award winning Park

"Britain's parks are bursting with bio-diversity! " says Professor Bellamy. 'They are the nation's favourite get-away-from-it-all locations, and also a major point of contact between people and the countryside. They are therefore very important centres of education, and a wonderful place to go and experience wrap-around nature. That's why these awards play an important role in helping parks to keep the green flag flying!' he added.

Professor David Bellamy said that Berrynarbor Park continues to be a truly excellent site and the Parks Assessor describes the park as a “showpiece”.


Set in 27 acres of North Devonshire countryside, Berrynarbor Park provides a peaceful tranquil setting for residential and holiday homes.

Since taking over the park in 1998, and joining the conservation scheme, owners Paul and Teresa Crockett have continued to maintain and develop the natural environment of the park, installing bird and bat boxes and leaving grassland areas of the park uncut, thus helping to create a natural haven for squirrels, badgers and other wildlife, as well as a host of wild plants and flowers.

Paul and Teresa's efforts have consistently won them a Gold David Bellamy Conservation Award since 2002.

To Receive the award, an independent inspector assesses the parks environmental policies and actions annually, and looks at the ways the park has maintained and enhanced its biodiversity.

"Many parks like this have created wildlife wonderlands, and I think it's time they were given deserved recognition for their big commitment," said Professor Bellamy.

As well as installing bird, bat and bug boxes, sympathetically managing wildlife areas and developing other wildlife habitats, Paul and Teresa have also built a wildlife pond at the park entrance, and have planted an orchard.

David Bellamy advocates promoting local shops and businesses. Berrynarbor Park employs local people and residents of the park support the local community run shop. A number of residents are also volunteers at the shop, as is Teresa, and Paul is on the shop committee.


Children from Berrynarbor Primary School have also visited the park on a number of occasions for a nature ramble which involved the study of a variety of habitats of insects, birds and animals.

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